Polaris RZR 800 Turbo System



  • 53 Series Aerocharger
  • Air-Water Intercooler
  • High-Flow Exhaust
  • Donaldson Air Filter
  • Tuned Air Box
  • Clutch Upgrade
  • Fuel Controller
  • Gauges

Price: Air to Water Intercooler $5500.00
w/ Donaldson Filter System $5800.00


This Aerocharger© turbo system, like all Aerocharger© systems, utilizes the unique Aerocharger© turbocharger. The Aerocharger© turbocharger is a unique, self-contained, variable vane turbocharger. That means that there are no oil lines and boost builds faster than any other turbocharger on the market while still providing amazing top end power along with bottom end torque. The turbo system is extremely efficient and usable for almost any purpose whether you’re going to the dunes with friends or hunting alone in the back-woods.

The base kit utilizes a large air-to-air intercooler designed for optimum air flow for both the turbo and the outside air, resulting in a very cool charge temperature with minimal pressure drop. As with all Aerocharger© kits, everything needed to safely ride your RZR 800 is included in the kit. All clutching and tuning is taken care of while you install the kit. Our kits come complete with an upgraded fuel system, full clutch kit and gauges. The turbo is centrally mounted for even weight distribution and is rubber isolated on a stainless steel cradle, making for a very durable turbo system. The exhaust is made of stainless steel so you don’t have worry about parts rusting or failing prematurely.

For a stealthier turbo system, you can opt for the Stage III upgrade. This utilizes an air to water intercooler placed underneath the bed. This allows for a very short charge tube, making boost even faster while still providing low charge-air temperatures.

No matter which options you select, you can count on it working right, right out of the box. Aerocharger© engineers have spent countless hours testing and tuning before this turbo system was released. This kit was developed with full data logging and rigorous field testing all over the states to test it in every environment. With this knowledge you can guarantee your turbo system will work, no matter where you are.


System Specs


This system is compatible with all Polaris RZR 800 and RZR-S 800 models from 2008-2014.

Performance Gains

Customers can expect a 40% gain in horsepower at 5 PSI. This system will double the horsepower of a Polaris RZR 800 at 11.5 Psi.


The Aerocharger RZR 800 turbo system is designed to run on 91+ octane pump gas.

Boost Levels

Max boost level is mechanically set by a pre-loaded spring inside the Aerocharger’s integrated boost controller, and aftermarket boost controllers can also be used for additional boost control. See the Aerocharger Turbo Info page for additional information.

Water-Methanol System Upgrade

A water-methanol injection upgrade package is available for the 2011+ RZR turbo system, which injects a readily available solution of water and methanol into the charge airstream.

Big Bore/Compression Mods

The Aerocharger RZR 800 System is compatible with engine mods such as big bore kits or lower/higher compression.

Reliability & Support

Aerocharger has a well-tested, strong-running and reliable turbo system. The Aerocharger doesn’t require any more care or maintenance than any other turbocharger, and when properly installed your Aerocharger should outlast the life of your vehicle. We will make sure you have the support you need – for any questions, troubleshooting or maintenance, don’t hesitate to directly contact Aerocharger’s engineers or your nearest Aerocharger dealer.


The Aerocharger RZR 800 system is completely comprehensive, and was designed for easy installation with little modification from stock. This system fits cleanly under the bed for a stealthy look that doesn’t block views or limit storage or accessory space. Aerocharger systems are designed so they can be installed at home by a rider with moderate mechanical ability and common garage tools, but many Aerocharger customers prefer to have their turbo system installed at a dealership or performance shop.

Contact Aerocharger for information about dealers in your area.


  • 53 Series Aerocharger
  • Turbine Heatshield w/ Insulator
  • Gibson Stainless Steel Full Exhaust System
  • Innovate Wideband Oxygen Sensor/Gauge
  • AEM Dry-flow Air Filter
  • VDO Boost Gauge
  • Aerocommander Fuel Controller Box
  • EPI Custom Clutch Kit
  • Billet Throttle Body Adapter w/ 3rd Injector Assembly
  • Hard Anodized Aluminum Charge Tubes
  • TIG Welded, Nickel Plated Turbo Cradle Assembly
  • TIG Welded, Hard Anodized Intake Sensor Block
  • TIG Welded, Black Powdercoated Intercooler
  • Hard Anodized Intercooler Mounting Bars and Hardware
  • Custom RZR Bed Heat Shield


Air-To-Water Intercooler Upgrade – $500.00

Upgrades a non-intercooled Aerochargerd RZR 800 to an Air-to-Water intercooled RZR 800. Our Stage 3 package is the ultimate in RZR 800 turbo systems. Adding this short charge length intercooler system to what is already well known to be the fastest spooling turbocharger in the world and you have the best throttle response of any RZR turbo system available. While some other turbo kit manufacturers may claim that their turbo has “no-lag” or that turbo lag “isn’t present with CVT transmissions” this is false. Step into an Aerocharged RZR 800 and experience the difference. Even our standard turbo kit will blow you away with how fast boost comes in. However we didn’t stop there. With our Stage 3 Air/Water Intercooler Upgrade system you cut down the charge tube length to one third that of our standard system meaning you get the fastest throttle response. Full boost and full torque as soon as you put your foot down, period. No other RZR turbo system on the market can do that. Further benefits of this system include a cold charge at all times, regardless of speed. If you’re crusing the trails and want to take off quickly, your intercooler is way ahead of you. Since the Bosch Cobra water pump is running constantly it makes sure the engine gets nothing but cold air. Where air/air intercoolers are relying on air movement and can heat up in the hot desert sun, this air/water system stays cool in the hottest conditions.

The system is designed around our compact intercooler unit. For those not familiar with this type of intercooler it is basically the exact opposite of a radiator. Hot air from the turbo flows through the intercooler while water is pumped through the intercooler’s core and draws heat away from the air, making a cool and dense charge for the engine. The intercooler’s design is optimum for our turbo setup to allow a free-flowing charge of air with minimal resistance or pressure drop for the best response and power output. The intercooler assembly is a modular unit with the silicone couplers, mounting bracket, blow-off valve, and pressure switch pre-installed for easy installation. The pressure switch activates a fan to cool the secondary radiator at any boost pressure over 2psi.

The secondary radiator assembly mounts under the hood in the dry storage bin. This is also a preassembled modular unit with the billet fill cap assembly, mounting brackets, fan, and hood scoop installed and ready to go. The fan is wired to the pressure switch on the intercooler and, like the Bosch Cobra water pump, it’s activated by a deticated fused relay for reliable performance. The hood scoop easily works with the factory hood (some cutting required) but can also be removed should you choose to use any of the numerous aftermarket hoods for your RZR provided it has a scoop to allow air to flow to the radiator.

airwater1 airwater2 airwater3 airwater4

RZR Donaldson Filter Upgrade – $300.00

We take pride in where we locate the filter in even our basic filter setup. It pulls fresh air from the cleanest location on the RZR 800. Even our racers can tell you that by then end of the race when their entire RZR 800 is covered in mud the only part that manages to stay clean is the filter. But there’s always those who like to take their RZR 800 further, through the deepest mud and the harshest sand dunes. For those extreme riders we have created our own canister filter setup.

Make no mistake, we were the first to bring the famous Donaldson canister filter to the RZR market. Well known for their use on industrial equipment, the donaldson filters can take punishing abuse while still providing your turbo engine with the cleanest air possible. These filters are smaller and lighter than UMP filters with a durable case and a patented swirl flow design. We’ve done the math and specifically size these filter units to flow the correct amount for the RZR 800 turbo system.

Our system allows for most of the bed space to be retained for accessories like the Polaris Lock & Ride box or spare tire racks. This kit is also designed to install on either side of the bed, whichever you desire. Ride in deep mud? We include an optional snorkel in every kit, which pulls fresh air from the very top of the RZR 800. You could have your RZR’s engine completely submerged without worrying about it ingesting water or mud.

Our Donaldson filter system is compatible with both of our intercooler systems and also works on both 2 & 4 seater RZR’s. Each kit comes with everything you need to install.

donaldson4 donaldson3 donaldson2 donaldson1