Can-Am Maverick



  • 53 Series Aerocharger
  • Ram-Air Intercooler
  • Donaldson Air Filter
  • Complete Primary Clutch
  • Fuel Controller
  • Boost & AFR Guages


Dunes. Trails. High Altitude. Technical terrain. The world’s most high-tech turbo system is now available for the Can-Am Maverick. This premium variable-vane turbo acts as a small turbo on the bottom end for ultra-responsive spooling, and a big turbo on the top end for raw power. Your mechanic will love the headache-free install – no oil pumps or lines required, thanks to the Aerocharger’s simple self-contained oiling system. We’ve also included a hood-mounted ram-air intercooler, and a completely new primary clutch upgrade to handle big power gains. It all adds up to the most fun, most complete turbo kit right out of the box.


Aerocharger Turbo Systems is a 3rd generation engineering company and the manufacturer of the Aerocharger, a specialized Variable Vane Turbo. Aerocharger also directly researches and develops turbo kits using the fully optimized Aerocharger for UTV, snowmobile, motorcycle and automotive applications. Aerocharger’s engineers have expert technical backgrounds in fuel management and thermal dynamics, and Aerocharger systems are carefully designed to prioritize efficiency, power and response.

System Specs


General information about the Aerocharger Can-Am Maverick Turbo System.

Performance Gains

For unmodified engines with typical settings, this system is capable of producing 50-110 hp over stock. Powertrain upgrades are recommended for boost levels greater than 10psi. This system is rated at over 300 hp – the Aerocharger is a variable vane turbo with a very wide efficiency range, and this system has plenty of room for upward expansion. Contact an Aerocharger engineer for recommendations on any high-boost setup.

Premium Power Band

Conventional Maverick turbo systems attempt to mask turbo lag with clutching or electronics, which creates unnecessary inefficiencies that ultimately hurt performance. In the Aerocharger system, variable vane technology produces lag-free boost. The Aerocharger vane assembly allows the turbo to function as a small turbo on the bottom end for rapid spooling, and a big turbo on the top end for big power. This creates an extremely fun driving experience where power is tied to the throttle, producing big low-end torque that conventional turbos can’t beat.

Fueling and Octane

The Aerocharger Can-Am Maverick turbo system comes with a pre-mapped fuel controller that will allow the turbocharged vehicle to be ran straight out of the box. Aerocharger advises using a minimum of 91 octane fuel at 5.5psi, 100ll (aviation) fuel for boost up to 7.5 psi, and 110 octane race fuel for any boost level greater than 7.5 psi.

Boost Levels

The Aerocharger is fully adjustable and can be set from 4 psi on up. The boost level is mechanically set by a pre-loaded spring inside the Aerocharger’s integrated boost controller. The 53 Series Aerocharger ships with a 5 psi boost spring already installed, with an additional 9 psi spring included. Visit the Aerocharger page for information about setting boost level and response.


An Air-to-Air intercooler comes standard with the Aerocharger Can-Am Maverick turbo package. This highly-efficient intercooler reduces charge temperature with no extra load on the vehicle. The intercooler installs into the hood with a ram-air scoop for fresh, clean air, and leaves space free in the cab and cargo area for accessories.

Big Bore/Compression Mods

The Aerocharger Can-Am Maverick Turbo System is compatible with engine mods such as big bore kits or lower/higher compression. If your engine is modified, consult with an Aerocharger engineer before installing this system.

No Spark Arrestor Required

Unlike any other UTV turbo system, the unique design of the Aerocharger means a spark arrestor is not required to meet US Forest Service regulations. The Aerocharger utilizes 100% of exhaust gasses, effectively acting as its own spark arrestor.

Reliability & Support

Aerocharger has a well-tested, strong-running and reliable turbo system. The Aerocharger doesn’t require any more care or maintenance than any other turbocharger, and when properly installed your Aerocharger should outlast the life of the vehicle. We will make sure you have the support you need – for any questions, troubleshooting or maintenance, don’t hesitate to directly contact Aerocharger’s engineers or your nearest Aerocharger dealer.


The Aerocharger Can-Am Maverick turbo system is completely comprehensive, and was designed for easy installation with little modification from stock. The system fits cleanly and doesn’t block views or limit storage or accessory space. This system can be installed with common garage tools, and clutch tools will be required to adjust the clutching. Aerocharger systems are designed so they can be installed at home by a rider with moderate mechanical ability, but many Aerocharger customers prefer to have their turbo system installed at a dealership or performance shop. Dealers often report preferring Aerocharger technology because Aerocharger systems are properly designed, simplify or eliminate many fail-prone components, and require much less support and maintenance.

Contact Aerocharger for information about dealers in your area.



Aerocharger Can-Am Maverick Turbo Kits are fully comprehensive and ship with all required parts. Here are featured components that showcase the superior quality and finish of this Aerocharger Turbo System.

Aerocharger 53 Series

VATN Technology

Aerocharger’s powerful variable geometry tech optimizes turbine size, producing lag-free boost. Excellent performance for high altitude and technical riding. This turbo is sized for optimized spool-up and best efficiency with the Maverick’s 1000 CC Rotax engine.

Independent Oil Supply

The Aerocharger contains it’s own oil supply allowing for clean and fast installation, with reduced risk of complications when riding. This turbo does not require oil lines to be run from the engine, weakening the stock oiling system. It is only necessary to check the oil annually and top off as needed.

Non-Flooded Bearings

Innovative oil misting system allows for drag free bearing performance and ultra-fast spooling. A substantial performance increase over conventional ball-bearing turbochargers.

Air/Air Intercooler

Highly Efficient

Reduces charge temps without any extra load on the system

Front Hood Mount

Installs into the hood to free up space for accessories in cab and cargo areas.

Ram-Air Hood Scoop

Formed Ram-Air scoop forces clean, fresh air through the intercooler core.

PowerJet Collar

Retains Stock Plenum

Attaches in-between the stock air plenum and throttle body.

Fuel for Boost

Pre-installed PowerJet Injector controls fuel delivery under boost.

Primary Clutch

Turbo Clutch Upgrade

A complete Primary Clutch assembly by TEAM Industries is provided in this package to replace the stock primary. This clutch was selected for superior reliability and performance under turbocharged operation. A new primary spring and adjustable clutch weights are included to complete a custom setup, with our recommendations for different boost levels and elevations. This Primary Clutch assembly ships pre-set for 5 PSI.



The muffler is a high flow design to reduce system back pressure.

Ceramic Coated

Treated with premium Cerakote high-temp ceramic coating.

No Spark Arrestor Required

Unlike all other UTV turbo systems, the unique design of the Aerocharger means a spark arrestor is not required to meet US Forest Service regulations. The Aerocharger utilizes 100% of exhaust gasses, serving as it’s own spark arrestor.

Y-Pipe Headers

TIG Welded

Durable construction by skilled production welders.

Ceramic Coated

Pipes are treated with premium Cerakote high-temp ceramic coating.

Fuel Management

Exclusive Fuel Programming

The Aerocharger system is managed by a pre-tuned fuel controller. The program was built by Aerocharger’s EFI engineer and has been rigorously tested at different altitudes and environments. AFR and Boost Guages are supplied with the kit.

Adjustability Options

The Aerocommander is a simple plug-and-play setup for most riding conditions. Includes on-the-fly fine-tune adjustability to achieve fullest performance.

Also Included


Boost Gauge

Boost gauge included for easy reference.


AFR Gauge

Color display for on-the-fly readability.


Silicone Charge System

Durable silicone tubes carry the air charge. Flexible for easy fitment and install.


Fuel Line

Pre-assembled automotive grade fuel line.


Gauge Panel

Quickly install your gauges with this panel kit.


Donaldson Filter

Industrial filter element provides the ultimate air filtration.


Wiring Harness

Connects to stock accessory ports to power gauges.


Boost Line

Extra length of boost line allows for custom routing and gauge configurations.



All necessary hardware. Includes pre-treated exhaust bolts.


Turbo Heat Shield

Helps manage engine compartment heat.


Turbo Support Bracket

Stabilizes the turbo and headers.


Reference Materials

Manual, quick start guide, turbo guide, templates and stickers are included for simple installation.



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