Ski-Doo E-TEC Turbo System



  • 66 Series Aerocharger
  • Tuned Airbox
  • Stainless Steel Exhaust
  • Silicone Charge Tube
  • Snow to Air Intercooler
  • Stainless Heat Shield
  • Dome Filter
  • Fuel Controller
  • Boost & AFR Guages
  • Complete Clutching


Aerocharger co-developed the Ski-Doo E-TEC turbo system with BRP Racing starting in 2009 for RMSHA, and the Aerocharger was the first working kit available at the E-TECs release in 2011. BRP Racing dyno’d the Aerocharger system and registered 240hp at only 7psi, and this system can be set to produce a range of 200-300hp. This system was designed in close collaboration with BRP Racing, who contributed design criteria and system specifications to ensure that a properly designed aftermarket turbo kit would be available for the E-TEC snowmobiles. The Aerocharger is a substantial innovation over conventional turbocharger technology, making it ideal for use with Rotax 2-stroke engines. The Aerocharger E-TEC system was built to prioritize horsepower-generating efficiency, and this equals an ultra-responsive, ridable system that excels at high altitude and on technical terrain.

We strive to provide the most comprehensive package possible right out of the box, and this season we are improving on it with a few refinements.

2015 Ski-Doo Freeride Turbo - Aerocharger turbo system at Action Motorsports in Gillette, WY.

  • WEIGHT REDUCTION. Whether climbing, side hilling or just getting unstuck from the deep stuff, mountain riders understand that every ounce makes a difference. Last year’s Aerocharger system totaled out to an overall sled weight reduction of -2 pounds, making it the lightest kit available industry-wide. For 2013, weight reduction will be further improved to -6 pounds.
  • SLED VENTING. Heat dissipation is critical for best turbo performance, so we went ahead and included turbo side and clutch side Snow Silk vent kits in every Aerocharger snowmobile turbo package this season.
  • CLUTCHING. Clutch setups were the most requested item last season. Getting this right is one of the biggest factors in your turbo sled running the best it can, and this year an extensive custom clutch setup comes standard in every Aerocharger snowmobile turbo system. This includes custom ramps, weights, gearing, and a very cool custom helix with improved angles for turbocharged operation.

Get photos and details about these changes in the Components section!


Aerocharger Turbo Systems is a 3rd generation engineering company and the manufacturer of the Aerocharger, a specialized Variable Vane Turbo. Aerocharger also directly researches and develops turbo kits using the fully optimized Aerocharger for UTV, snowmobile, motorcycle and automotive applications. Aerocharger’s engineers have expert technical backgrounds in fuel management and thermal dynamics, and Aerocharger systems are carefully designed to prioritize efficiency, power and response.

System Specs

Performance Gains

BRP Racing dyno’d the Aerocharger E-TEC 800 system, and registered 240 hp at 7psi boost. The average Aerocharger is set at 7psi boost.


For best performance, Aerocharger recommends using a minimum of 100 octane fuel when running this system. Pump gas not be used under 7000 foot elevation. A pump gas option is in development, and more information will be available later in the season season.

This fuel guide lists recommended octane levels based on boost and altitude. This chart is for reference only – many factors affect safe octane such as air density, temperature, and tolerance specific to your motor. This chart is intended to suggest rough guidelines based on the most common operating environments.

Boost Levels

Max boost level is mechanically set by a pre-loaded spring inside the Aerocharger’s integrated boost controller, and aftermarket boost controllers can also be used for additional boost control. See the Aerocharger page for additional information.

An Intercooler is recommended for E-TECs set at boost levels higher than 7psi. Exclusively for the Aerocharger E-TEC System, an innovative new Snow-to-Air Intercooler is available as an option for a consistently cooler air charge. Click the upgrade tab to read more about the Snow-to-Air Intercooler.

Big Bore/Compression Mods

The Aerocharger E-TEC System is compatible with engine mods such as big bore kits or lower/higher compression.

Reliability & Support

Aerocharger has a well-tested, strong-running and reliable turbo system. The Aerocharger doesn’t require any more care or maintenance than any other turbocharger, and when properly installed your Aerocharger system should outlast the life of your sled. We will make sure you have the support you need – for any questions, troubleshooting or maintenance, don’t hesitate to directly contact Aerocharger’s engineers or your nearest Aerocharger dealer.


Aerocharger systems are designed so they can be installed at home by a rider with moderate mechanical ability and common garage tools, but many Aerocharger customers prefer to have their turbo system installed at a dealership or performance shop. Dealers report prefering Aerocharger technology because Aerocharger systems are properly designed and either simplify or eliminate many fail-prone components, thereby requiring much less support and maintenance.

Contact Aerocharger for information about dealers in your area.



Aerocharger 66 Series

VATN Technology

Aerocharger’s powerful variable geometry tech optimizes turbine size, producing lag-free boost. Excellent performance for high altitude and technical riding. The ideal turbo for 2-strokes.

Independent Oil Supply

The Aerocharger contains it’s own oil supply allowing for clean and simple installation, and reduced risk of complications when riding.

Non-Flooded Bearings

Innovative oil misting system allows for drag free bearing performance and ultra-fast spooling. A major performance increase over conventional journal bearings.

Welded Turbine Inlet

Aerochargers for Ski-Doo snowmobiles now feature welded turbine inlets, which reduce weight and backpressure while improving flow to the turbo.

Air Box

Durably Built

Robust design allows for best air flow from the turbo. Stainless Steel construction, finished with bake-on ceramic coating.

Tuned Backwall

Designed to correctly reflect acoustic waves from the E-TEC intake, maintaining stock engine system efficiencies that are critical to the E-TECs performance.

Turbo Optimized

Correctly shaped to provide optimal air volume to the Aerocharged E-TEC engine.

Snow to Air Intercooler

Harness The Cold

The most effective intercooler ever made for a snowmobile. This performance upgrade is an intercooled airbox that rapidly cools the air charge from the turbo by directing water, snow and ice from the tunnel through the intercooler core. This intercooled airbox installs into the Ski-Doo tunnel, requiring moderate modification to the tunnel. Testing shows that this intercooler provides a more consistent heat-sink than traditional Air-Air ICs, and is significantly more engine-friendly than Air-to-Water setups. The air charge is being cooled as soon as the track is moving, with absolutely no extra load on the engine and coolant system.

Competition-Grade Equipment

Aerocharger developed this intercooler to give our riders a competitive edge on race day. It proved to be extremely effective, and has now been made an option at the consumer level.

Stainless Steel Exhaust

Flow-Through Design

This muffler has been sized to flow exhaust from the turbo quickly and effectively.

TIG Welded

Durable construction by skilled production welders. Stainless Steel construction finished with ceramic coating.

Optimized Exit Angle

The front facing departure avoids blockage by trailing the snowmobile’s A-Arms. This placement was tested by top backcountry riders, who found this to be the most effective setup.


Best Performance

An extensive clutch setup is included in all 2013-14 packages, specifically configured for best operation on Aerocharged Ski-Doo snowmobiles.

Full Setup

Includes a dual-angle helix that can be set for racing performance or backcountry conditions. Also comes with custom ramps, adjustable tungsten weights, primary spring, an alternate top gear, chain and oil, and Aerocharger’s recommended settings based on boost and altitude.

Fuel Management

Exclusive Fuel Programming

The Aerocommander fuel controller is pre-mapped with a proprietary program to fully optimize the Aerocharger’s performance with the E-TEC. Maps are updated annually for improved performance. The Aerocommander is fully plug-and-play right out of the box.

Sequential Injection

Sequential injection improves fuel injection to enhance throttle response.

External MAP Sensor

New for 2013, the fuel controller hardware now includes an external three-bar manifold absolute pressure sensor. An external sensor provides an improved reading for smooth fueling, and makes the Aerocommander unit 100% water proof. Comes with a 2 Year Warranty.

Also Included


Custom Charge Tube

Silicone Construction – lightweight and durable for high pressurization.


Guage Panel

Innovate AFR Guage and Custom Boost Guages are included.


Stinger Kit

Parts and instructions are included to modify the stock pipe with an Aerocharger stinger. This pipe is larger in diameter and improves exhaust flow for better performance. Will require cutting and welding the stock pipe.


Turbo Reeds

Upgraded turbo reeds are provided with every Aerocharger E-TEC system. Developed by BRP based on use with Aerocharged E-TECs, these reeds are more robust and have a longer life during turbocharged use.


Heat Shield

Ceramic Coated stainless steel for best thermal control.


Dome Filter

Stainless steel mesh intake screen filter.


Vent Kit

Heat dissipation is critical for best turbo performance. 7 Snow Silk vents are included, with templates and instructions for easy installation. An Advanced Snow Silk Ski-Doo vent package is available in the Upgrade section.



Aerocharger offers several E-TEC performance upgrades. These options were developed for our race team, and are frequently requested by advanced tuners and riders.

Air-to-Snow Intercooler – $800.00


Harness The Cold

Upgrades an Aerocharger non-intercooled 600/800 E-TEC system to an Aerocharger Air-to-Snow Intercooled system. This performance upgrade rapidly cools the air charge from the turbo by directing water, snow and ice from the tunnel through the intercooler. This intercooler installs into the E-TEC tunnel, requiring moderate modification to the tunnel. Testing has established that this intercooler provides a more consistent heat-sink than traditional Air-Air ICs, and is significantly more engine-friendly to the Rotax than Air-to-Water setups.

Hybrid Snorkel Intake- $350.00

Performance Backcountry Intake

This innovative Hybrid Snorkel Intake for Aerocharged E-TECs improves system efficiency in extremely deep conditions. By allowing for multiple intake areas, this design improves on traditional snorkel setups by increasing air flow and reducing the risk of blockage.Click Here for more info. This product is available in the Aerocharger Store.


Hybrid Snorkel Intake Installed - Inside 02
Hybrid Snorkel Intake Installed - Outside

Snow Silks Snowmobile Vent Kits


Heat Dissipation

Reducing engine compartment heat is extremely important for best snowmobile performance, and these Snow Silk vents provide superior air flow compared to other leading brands. Snow Silk vents are resistant to tears, feature durable adhesive, and have water-repellant properties to keep the sled interior clean and dry. CAD modeled for perfect fitment to the Polaris RMK engine panel. Includes cutting templates for easy installation.

The Basic Kit covers all major sled panels. The Deluxe kit adds vents for every remaining panel on the sled.

Turbine Porting(Pricing Coming Soon)

Performance Upgrade

Ported turbines offer increased turbo efficiency and better throttle response.

XP to XM Upgrade Package – $199.00

Model Upgrade

This package contains all components required to adapt an Aerocharger XP kit for use on a Ski-Doo XM.



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