Polaris Axys


  • 66 Series Aerocharger
  • Tuned Airbox
  • Stainless Exhaust
  • Silicone Charge Tube
  • Air to Snow Intercooler
  • Stainless Heat Shield
  • Dome Filter
  • Fuel Controller
  • Boost & AFR Gauges
  • Complete Clutching

Price: $5995

System Specs

Performance Gains

The Aerocharger Axys system offers a performance range of 50-100 hp over stock at high altitude and average boost levels, with different results being possible depending on settings and octane.


At least 91 octane non-ethanol fuel is recommended for up to 5 PSI at elevations above 6000 ft. For 5 PSI or higher, a race gas mixture is strongly recommended for safe boosting of your engine. At 7 psi we recommend a 50/50 mix of 91 and 110 octane fuel; this roughly comes out to 100 octane. Any boost levels exceeding 10 PSI should use unmixed 110 octane fuel. It is always safer to run higher octane fuel rather than low octane fuel.

Boost Levels

Boost level is mechanically set by a preloaded spring inside the Aerocharger's integrated boost controller which comes with two springs for adjustment.  Most customers stick with the 7 PSI spring to provide the best performance.  7 PSI on an Aerocharger is different then 10 PSI on a conventional turbo system.

Reliability, Warranty & Support

Aerocharger has a well-tested, strong-running and reliable turbo system. The Aerocharger doesn't require any more care or maintenance than any other turbocharger, and when properly installed your Aerocharger system should outlast the life of your sled. We recommend checking the oil once a year and replacing it at 30,000 miles of service.  Yes it will really go that long! All kit components have a one year warranty from date of purchase, if it is a defect in workmanship please let us know right away so we can resolve the issue.  The turbo has a 3 year limited warranty, if purchased with a kit we will provide a 50% discount on any repair costs.  The most costly mistake someone can make is attempting to take apart the unit itself.  If the turbo is damaged by F.O.D (foreign object damage) we will work with each customer accordingly since each repair is different.  We will make sure you have the support you need - for any questions, troubleshooting or maintenance, don't hesitate to directly contact us at 913-829-3400.


Aerocharger systems are designed so they can be installed at home by a rider with mechanical aptitude and common garage tools.  We provide in-depth manuals and videos so each customer can go at their own pace.  If you would like Aerocharger to install the kit for you please contact us.  If you would like to have a dealer or shop install your kit please contact us so we can recommend a dealer/shop that is approved.



Aerocharger 66 Series

VATN Technology

Aerocharger's powerful variable geometry tech optimizes turbine size, producing lag-free boost. Excellent performance across the board with power throughout and fantastic response.

Independent Oil Supply

The Aerocharger contains it's own oil supply allowing for clean and simple installation, and reduced risk of complications when riding.

Non-Flooded Bearings

Innovative oil misting system allows for drag free bearing performance and ultra-fast spooling. A major performance increase over conventional journal bearings.

Fuel Management

Exclusive Fuel Programming

Fueling has always been a nightmare for some, we make things simple by including a map which optimizes the Aerocharger's performance.  Don't let a few buttons scare you...we will provide you will all the support and answers you need to make sure you are completely enjoying the performance.  Custom MAP adjustments can be made to fit your riding style if needed.

Sequential Injection

Sequential injection improves fuel injection to enhance throttle response.

External MAP Sensor

The fuel controller hardware now includes an external three-bar manifold absolute pressure sensor. An external sensor provides an improved reading for smooth fueling, and makes the Aerocommander unit 100% water proof.

Air to Snow Intercooler

Durably Built

Robust design allows for best air flow from the turbo. Stainless steel construction, finished with a baked-on ceramic coating.

Tuned Backwall

Designed to correctly reflect acoustic waves from the Axys intake, maintaining stock engine system efficiencies that are critical to the Axys's performance.

Turbo Optimized

Correctly shaped to provide optimal air volume to the Aerocharged Axys engine.

Stainless Exhaust

TIG Welded

Durable construction by skilled production welders. Stainless Steel, finished with baked-on ceramic coating.

Stainless Steel

Designed to correctly reflect acoustic waves from the Axys intake, maintaining stock engine system efficiencies that are critical to the Polaris Axys performance.


Best Performance

An extensive clutch setup that has proven worthy of the best performance is included.

Full Setup

Includes a dual-angle helix that can be set for your ideal riding style weather that be racing performance or backcountry performance. Also comes with an adjustable weight setup, primary spring, secondary spring, and Aerocharger's recommended settings based on boost and altitude.

Also Included

Custom Charge Tube

Silicone Construction - lightweight and durable for high pressurization.

Gauge Panel

Innovate AFR Gauge and Custom Boost Gauges are included.

Basic Vent kit

Heat dissipation is critical for best performance. This vent kit will keep your engine compartment dry while providing critical air flow.

Mounting Hardware

All necessary mounting hardware is included to help get the install completed faster.

Dome Filter

Stainless steel mesh intake screen filter.