Arctic Cat ProClimb Turbo System


Aerocharged Arctic Cat Power

Aerocharger Turbo Systems are available for all 2012+ Arctic Cat two-stroke snowmobiles, with non-intercooled or Air to Water Intercooled options. Both systems feature a clean, low impact install and permit use of the headlights. The Aerocharger Arctic Cat turbo kit has been race proven, being chosen by top racers such as Nate Zollinger of Zbroz Racing and Tony Ottobre as the preferred hillclimb racing setup.

The air to water system utilizes the factory coolant loop to make the installation as easy as possible while keeping the air charge temperatures cool and extremely consistent. This will provide maximum power as well as making tuning the sled a non-issue, just pull the rope and go. We are also offering a non-intercooled system for the sleds. This system is simpler to install, lighter, and still has excellent performance. Both systems will utilize a 66 series Aerocharger with a 200 compressor wheel and a .250 turbine wheel. This turbo has been sized for all boost levels from 5-14psi. Like all Aerocharger turbo systems there is no need to cut or weld the pipe.

We include an anodized and laser etched gauge pod to hold our boost gauge and Innovate Air/Fuel ratio gauge. We use the new Innovate MTX gauges in all of our systems for improved water resistance as well as superior sensor durability.

Aerocharger Arctic Cat snowmobile systems include a specialized air box, which removes the need for rising rate fuel regulators seen on many other Arctic Cat turbo snowmobiles. All Aerocharger systems come complete with detailed manual for easiest install. After the system is bolted on, just add fuel and go. All kits are capable of running on pump or race gas, just change the boost and take off.



  • 66 Series VATN Aerocharger
  • Turbine Heat Shield w/ Insulator
  • Air/Water Intercooler
  • Custom Air Box
  • Insulated Muffler
  • Polished Aluminum Charge Tubes
  • Billet Blow-Off Valve
  • Adjustable EFI Controller
  • Billet Secondary Fuel Rail
  • Dual Secondary Injectors
  • OEM-Spec Fuel Lines
  • Wide-Band Oxygen Sensor
  • Digital Wide-band Gauge
  • VDO Boost Gauge
  • Aerocharger Gauge Mount
  • High Flow Air Intake
  • Installation Hardware
  • Installation Manual
  • Fuel Tuning Manual