Tri Glide Turbo System


Compatibility: 09-13 (Parking brake needs to be re-positioned), 14-15

Price starting at: $5500

Aerocharger Harley-Davidson Tri Glide Turbo System

Don't sacrifice performance just because you're on three wheels. Aerocharger's prototype Tri Glide turbo kit will give trike owners big top end power and massive torque right off the throttle. Whether you're cross-country touring or heading down to the local bike night, this is the most rider-friendly turbo ever made. This system will bolt right on to the trike without any additional engine mods, and is designed to run on 91 octane pump gas.

The Aerocharger Tri Glide turbo kit is currently in the early testing phase and has an anticipated release of mid-summer 2015. Stay tuned for more info.



Aerocharger 53 Series

VATN Technology

Aerocharger's powerful variable geometry tech optimizes turbine size, producing lag-free boost. Excellent performance for rapid acceleration and high altitude. The ideal turbo for motorcycle applications.

Independent Oil Supply

The Aerocharger contains its own oil supply, which makes installation clean and fast and reduces risk of complications when riding. This turbo does not require oil lines to be run from the engine, which could weaken the stock oiling system. It is only necessary to check the turbo's oil annually and top off as needed.

Non-Flooded Bearings

An innovative oil misting system allows for drag free bearing performance and ultra-fast spooling. Offers a major performance increase over conventional ball-bearing turbochargers.

Stealthy Fitment

Sits out of the way for improved efficiency and streamlined looks. Temperature levels are comfortable for passengers, and the mounting location is compatible with passenger foot boards or pegs.

Air Box

Durably Built

Robust design allows for best pressurization and smoothest air flow from the turbo. Polished or finished with black ceramic coating.

Turbo Optimized

Correctly shaped to provide optimal air volume to the Aerocharged Harley-Davidson V-Twin engine.

Customizable Badge

A detachable airbox plate gives you space for custom graphics or club logos.

Header Pipes

Turbo Optimized

Bolts directly to the turbo exhaust inlet for best efficiency.

TIG Welded

Durable construction by skilled production welders. Polished or finished with black ceramic coating.

Also Included


Charge Tubes

Durable Silicone w. custom BOV. Single charge tube for non-intercooled setups, or two charge tubes for use with the intercooler.


Exhaust Hardware

Exhaust Mounting Collar and Hardware. Everything is included to streamline the install.

Performance Clutch Spring

A heavy-duty clutch spring by AIM Corp is included for best clutch performance under boost.



Larger injectors are included for increased fuel delivery under boost. The following injectors are available from Aerocharger:

  • HD 5.8 g/s
  • HD 7.9 g/s
  • HD 10.1 g/s


Fully photographic installation manual, also available for free download. Watch the accompanying video walkthrough here.


Power Commander 5 for Aerocharger Harley Davidson Turbo FUEL CONTROLLER OPTIONS

A Fuel Controller will need to be selected to manage fuel delivery under boost. Note that fuel controllers which do not read Positive Manifold Pressure are not compatible with this system. The following fuel controllers are available directly from Aerocharger:

Controller Retail Price with Kit
Power Commander V Pti $449 $380
Autotune with Power Commander V (single channel) $729 $600
Autotune with Power Commander V (dual channel) $849 $850
POD-300 Digital Tuner Display $250 $200
POD-300 Handlebar Mount (Chrome) $80 $80
POD-300 Handlebar Mount (Black) $60 $60

haracc_mapsensor.jpg Upgraded 3 Bar MAP Sensor

All fuel controllers purchased from Aerocharger come with an upgraded Bosch 3-bar MAP sensor for improved performance and reliability.

AFR Gauge for a Can-Am Maverick Turbo Innovate Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge Option- $199.00

High-quality innovate AFR gauge features a color display for easy reference. Includes bracket and handlebar mounts

har_boostguage Boost Gauge Option - $100.00

Aerocharger boost gauge allows you to monitor your boost level. Includes bracket and handlebar mounts