Victory Vegas, Jackpot and Highball (2008-2011 Models)




The Aerocharger Victory Turbo Kit is compatible with all 2008-2011 Victory Jackpot, Victory Vegas, and Victory Highball motorcycles. This easy to install turbo kit provides significant power gains with a linear power delivery similar to massive naturally aspirated engines. The kit was developed to be a serious contender on the street, while remaining simple and efficient. This kit features a discrete appearance, with a superior fit and finish to any other victory motorcycle turbo kit.

Designed to be simple and compact, the Aerocharger Victory kit does not require any drastic alterations to the bike. The 53-Series Aerocharger is placed low and forward of the centerline on the bike for the most balance. Exhaust and charge tubes do not protrude out or interfere with the intended riding position. A custom air box is mounted in the stock location for the most effective use of space, while still providing adequate volume for the engine to draw air from. All components are completely bolt on and installation can be accomplished in just a few hours.

A Stage 2 Victory kit further utilizes space by the addition of a stealth intercooler core into the front section of the air box. Air is drawn through the intercooler via a 5” electric fan controlled by a switch activated at 2 pounds of boost. This stealth intercooler box is barely visible while it is mounted up and underneath the gas tank between the frame rails. The use of this intercooler allows for higher boost levels starting at 8psi where power can be expected to reach 146 horsepower and 170 lbs. of torque.


Aerocharger Turbo Systems is a 3rd generation engineering company and the manufacturer of the Aerocharger, a specialized Variable Vane Turbo. Aerocharger also directly researches and develops turbo systems using the fully optimized Aerocharger for UTV, snowmobile, motorcycle and automotive applications. Aerocharger's engineers have expert technical backgrounds in fuel management and thermal dynamics, and Aerocharger systems are carefully designed to prioritize efficiency, power and response.