Can-Am Spyder RS (2008-2012 Model Years)



  • 53 Series Aerocharger
  • Ceramic Coated Muffler
  • Custom Low Profile Filter
  • Bosch BOV
  • Custom Charge Tube
  • Supports and Brackets
  • Fuel Controller
  • Boost & AFR Guages


The Aerocharger provides a perfect fit for Can-Am Spyder applications. Where the Spyder lacks in power, the Aerocharger creates huge performance gains and provides lag-free boost with minimal modification and zero engine mods. With the Aerocharger Spyder turbo system, Spyder riders can reliably expect 140 hp at the wheel, with an improved torque curve and an abundance of top-end power for all riding styles.

System Specs

Clean Fitment

Utilizing the factory double-wall header pipes, the Aerocharger Spyder kit bolts on as a simple down-pipe swap, locating the turbo at the base of the muffler location. A hidden intercooler feeds boost to our custom voluminous air box and a custom stainless steel muffler section ensures all exhaust gases exit the turbo as quickly as possible with an aggressive tone. All exhaust pipes and brackets are black ceramic coated for maximum heat control and a stealth look.


Fuel delivery is managed via a purpose-built AeroCommander box, which alters the pulse-width modulation to the injectors. Though each AeroCommander comes pre-tuned, the box is completely adjustable allowing for fine-tuning, adjustments for altitude or boost increases. Air/fuel ratios can be monitored on the fly with the AEM digital wide-band oxygen sensor and gauge, while boost is monitored with a VDO boost gauge.

Simplified Installation

The Aerocharger Spyder kit can be installed easily with hand tools and a decent mechanical knowledge. Each kit includes everything needed for installing, monitoring, and fine-tuning your Spyder kit. A full installation manual complete with detailed photos comes with every kit and a hi-res, full color version of the manual is also available online. Just follow the links below to take a look at what is involved when installing the turbo system.

Reliability & Support

Aerocharger has a well-tested, strong-running and reliable turbo system. The Aerocharger doesn't require any more care or maintenance than any other turbocharger, and when properly installed your Aerocharger should outlast the life of your vehicle. We will make sure you have the support you need - for any questions, troubleshooting or maintenance, don't hesitate to directly contact Aerocharger's engineers or your nearest Aerocharger dealer.



Q: What is the stock horsepower that the Spyder engine produces?

A: Stock horsepower and torque to the wheels has been recorded as: 92HP and 63Ft Lbs of torque.

Q: What is the performance increase I can expect from my Aerocharged Spyder?

A: This turbo system will produce 140HP to the rear wheel right out of the box with room to add more boost. For more information see the dyno chart at the top of this page.

Q: How much does the turbo kit weigh?

A: The Aerocharger 53 Series turbo is approximately 10lbs, the charge tubes, intercooler, and additional Aerocharger components will add another 10-15LBS.

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A: A Wide-Band oxygen sensor & digital gauge measures the Air/Fuel ratio. Monitoring Air/Fuel ratios ensure that your Spyder is running properly and safely at all times. Using this sensor and gauge eliminates the possibility of running too lean or too rich and possibly damaging the engine.

Q: Will the Aerocharger turbo kit fit on the new RTS Spyder?

A: Our kit will not bolt directly onto the Spyder RTS. However we are looking into the possibility of producing a kit specifically for the RTS. If you are in the KC metro area and have a new RTS please give us a call or stop by so we can provide the Spyder community with a solid answer. Check back for updates on the RTS fitment.

Q: What is the catch can that I heard comes with your kit?

A: The Spyder is notorious for dumping oil into the stock airbox. With the Aerocahrger kit the provided custom air box will be pressurized and is designed to stay free of oil. We include an aluminum catch can that is designed to vent crank case pressure and also offer an easy way to drain any potential oil that may accumulate through the crank case vent. This will prevent your Spyder from ingesting oil into the engine.

Q: What gas should I run in my Aerocharged Spyder?

A: Premium 91 Octane is the minimum. If 92 or 93 Octane is available in your area, those will work as well.

Q: My manual says to run 87 Octane in my Spyder, why should I run premium with the Aerocharger?

A: The Spyder has a static compression ratio of 9:1 (despite what the literature says) and is tuned to run on lower octane fuels from the factory. The AeroCommander tunes the Spyder for boost and is optimized to take advantage of premium fuels.

Q: Can I run E85 or other ethanol blends in my Spyder?

A: E85 should NOT be ran in your Spyder, though blends containing 10% of Ethanol are fine as most premium fuels contain 10% Ethanol anyway.

Q: How does the Aerocharger turbo kit affect the traction and stability control systems on the Spyder?

A: It doesn't. Traction control only kicks in at 40MPH (assuming your in a straight line) and the Stability Control System is activated by yaw sensors when you turn corners. There are aftermarket sway bars available to reduce the effects of the Stability Control System.

Q: How long does it take to install the Aerocharger turbo kit?

A: A person with average mechanical knowledge and a set of metric tools should have no problem installing this kit in an afternoon.

Q: What's a metric wrench? Maybe I should have someone else install this for me?

A: Most bike shops and Spyder dealers should have competent mechanics available to install the Aerocharger turbo kit. Please contact your local dealer for estimated labor charges should you feel that professional help may be needed.

Q: I just bought a new aftermarket muffler, why can't I use it with the Aerocharger Turbo kit?

A: We insert a wide-band O2 sensor and have a custom pipe exiting the turbo. Factory and aftermarket slip on mufflers will require modification. In addition the Aerocharger turbo reduces the sound exiting the exhaust with a specifically tuned muffler for our turbochargers and more importantly the Spyder in conjunction with it. Trust us, it sounds GREAT!

Q: Do I need to run any different oil in my Spyder for this turbo?

A: The Aerocharger has self-contained lubrication and requires no modification to the oiling system or the oil that is used. Use the BRP recommended oil, and check your oil often. Your Aerocharged Spyder will make more power and typically vehicles with more power are harder on oil. You may want to look at changing oil and filters in slightly shorter intervals to ensure the longest life out of your engine.

Q: Will this turbo kit void my warranty?

A: Putting an aftermarket muffler on could void your warranty depending on the circumstances. Our testing shows that the Spyder Rotax engine is a very capable engine to support our kit, but it is up to your local dealer to determine if this bolt-on performance enhancement will void your warranty.

Q: Will the Aerocharger turbo kit damage my Spyder?

A: Absolutely not. Many Spyder owners carry multiple people, pull trailers, and mount all kinds of accessories on their bikes. The factory clutch and belt are specifically designed to handle increased load. If you have any concerns about your clutch, Barnett Performance makes an aftermarket clutch kit that your authorized Spyder dealer can install.

Q: Is the Aerocharger turbo kit emissions legal?

A: This is a good question and it could vary state to state. What we can say is that the Spyder has a very lean fuel tune from the factory for emissions purposes. This is why many Spyder owners report high engine temps and why many people look at aftermarket fuel controllers. The Aerocommander and our tune for the Spyder will keep the Spyders motor safe by adding additional fuel to compensate for boost and idle characteristics. You may or may not have emissions issues, but you do have the capability of trimming the fuel curve just in case you have issues during inspection.


Aerocharged Spyder on the Road