Arctic Cat Prowler


Prowler 1000 Aerocharger System


After the success of the RZR Aerocharger kit, we began to develop the highest quality kit for the biggest displacement side by side, the Arctic Cat Prowler 1,000. Again the Aerocharger is the best choice for this application. Fast-spooling characteristics make our turbo ideal for the Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT) used by these machines, supplying power when it’s needed anywhere throughout the power band. As the manufacturer of the turbocharger used, this kit was designed with detailed knowledge of the turbo and the necessary considerations needed to best suit the performance and reliability needs required for this application. Like our other kits the design goals were very specific: optimum turbo efficiency, maximum reliability, ease of installation, and top quality components.


A 53-series Aerocharger© was specifically sized for the Prowler’s 1000cc engine using various parameters to obtain the required airflow and compressor pressure ratios necessary to meet the performance goals of this project. Correctly sizing a turbo to the engine is a critical step in the development of any turbo kit. Our Prowler turbos even use a massive 3.5" Power-Flow compressor inlet for maximum throttle response and zero turbo-lag. Every aspect of these kits is designed to be the most efficient, reliable, and easy to install without major modifications to the vehicle.


Arctic Cat decided to include a fake hood scoop on every Prowler 1000. While building our turbo kit we decided that hood scoop needs to get put to use. The turbo pulls it's fresh air directly from the hood scoop with minimal modification. This provides the coolest, cleanest air possible to the turbo with a trick utilization of factory components. This is the only turbo kit on the market that utilizes the factory hood scoop for "ram-air".




  • 53 Series Aerocharger
  • Turbine Heatshield w/ Insulator
  • Gibson Stainless Steel Exhaust System
  • AEM Wideband Oxygen Sensor and Gauge
  • AEM Dry-flow Air Filter
  • Custom Ram-Air Intake
  • VDO Boost Gauge
  • Aerocommander Fuel Controller Box
  • EPI Custom Clutch Kit
  • Bosch Bypass Valve
  • Billet Throttle Body Adapter w/ 3rd Injector Assembly
  • Custom Fuel Lines
  • Exhaust Gaskets & Springs
  • Hard Anodized Mandrel Bent Aluminum Charge Tubes
  • TIG Welded, Hard Anodized Intake Sensor Block
  • TIG Welded, Black Powder Coated Intercooler
  • Hard Anodized Intercooler Mounting Bars and Hardware
  • Field Guide
  • Cutout Templates
  • Photo-based Installation Manual