Porsche 930


Setting The New Standard

Purpose built to meet homologation requirements, the 930 was born purely from Porsche’s racing heritage. A true legend in it’s time. However these cars are not without flaws. Suffering significantly from turbo-lag these cars were demanding to drive, especially when racing. Rear engine layouts may provide superior rear-wheel traction, but the delayed bursts of power these cars are known for have proven to be dangerous mid-corner. The obvious solution to this issue is to eliminate turbo-lag from the equation. Though many aftermarket turbo manufacturers may claim that their product produces "no lag", only variable-vane turbos are actually capable of this. Even Porsche engineers had this realization and switched to variable-vane turbos for the 997. The clear solution to the 930’s power delivery problem is to apply new technology. Where other turbos fall short the Aerocharger manages to truly produce results, effectively turning the 930 into a completely different machine, even at stock boost levels. With the Aerocharger the 930 not only accelerates like the true sports car it was designed to be, but produces more predictable cornering due to a wider power-band. Full boost by 2,000rpm, period.

Inspired by the classic 934 race cars, our system locates the turbo in the center. This allows for a very direct flowing header, utilizing flat 3-into-1 collectors feeding a gradual 2-into-1 collector at the turbo. This header design plays a significant role in building boost as quickly as possible, the very same design principles applied to the 934 race cars. However we are in the business of applying new technology as well. The Aerocharger alone builds boost with minimum lag, add that with our high flow header and you have a machine that is in boost through nearly all of the rpm range.

The chart above shows a comparison between a stock 930 and an Aerocharger 930, both of which were at .8 BAR. The red chart shows the stock conventional turbo system. Regardless of rpm or load the stock system was only able to reach max torque at 4500rpm. The stock system also struggled to reach even 200hp before 4000rpm, leaving plenty of room for improvement. Colored in purple on the chart is our variable-vane center-mounted turbo conversion. It clearly shows a massive improvement over the design of the stock system and conventional turbo performance. Peak torque is reached at a mere 2500rpm and carries all the way to 4500rpm. Our system also builds horsepower much faster, clearing the 200hp mark at only 2400rpm and climbing steadily to redline. Our system drastically improves driveability and delivers a powerband capable of besting built motors in acceleration while remaining a simple bolt-on turbo and exhaust package.

Due to the overwhelming number of aftermarket components available for the 930, we designed a system that would complement modifications others may already have installed on their cars. Our system utilizes the stock intercooler connections allowing for any aftermarket long or short neck intercooler to be utilized, even the stock intercooler. This also allows for those with anything from aftermarket blow-off valves all the way to EFI conversions to run our turbo system without having to make any alterations. A truly bolt-on, race-inspired turbo system with serious results. Most importantly our kit requires no internal engine modifications and can be installed on both totally stock and highly modified 930’s of any year. Best of all this completely race-inspired center mounted turbo package fits neatly under any stock or aftermarket bumper.

These are not simple off-the-shelf parts or generic turbos. Each Aerocharger is precision built to order, in-house, to ensure the highest quality and tightest tolerances. Every Aerocharger 930 system is hand-crafted to be the most unique and best performing upgrade from the stock turbo system.


  • 66 Series 224/300 Aerocharger
  • Turbine Heatshield w/ Insulator
  • Stainless Steel Muffler Section
  • Stainless Steel 934-Inspired 1pc Header
  • Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger (optional)
  • Muffler Support Bracket
  • Turbo Support Bracket
  • Aluminum Turbo Inlet Adapter Pipe & Silicone Couplers
  • Aluminum Turbo Outlet Adapter Pipe & Silicone Couplers
  • Intercooler Adatper Bulkhead
  • Oil Line Block-Offs
  • Heater Ducting (optional)
  • Hose Clamps
  • OEM Header Gaskets
  • Turbo Gaskets
  • Steel-Braided Signal Line
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Exhaust Gaskets
  • Aerocharger Turbo Oil (2)
  • Installation Manual