Deluxe Snow Silk Vent Kit For Ski-Doo

Deluxe Vent Kit for Ski-Doo XMs


Deluxe Snow Silk Vent Kit for Ski-Doo XM Snowmobiles.

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Product Description

Deluxe Snow Silk snowmobile vent kit for all Ski-Doo XMs. When used with the basic Snow Silk vent kit, this Deluxe kit gives you vent options for every major ventable surface on the sled. Reducing engine compartment heat is extremely important for best snowmobile performance, and these Snow Silk vents provide superior air flow compared to other leading brands. Snow Silk vents are resistant to tears, feature durable adhesive, and have water-repellant properties to keep the sled interior clean and dry. CAD modeled for perfect fitment to Ski-Doo XM panels. Includes cutting templates for easy installation.