Aerocharger Logo Kit

Vector graphic files for wraps, web banners, etc.


Aerocharger Brochure

Information about the Aerocharger's unique features and performance.


Aerocharger Turbo System Catalog 2013-14

The product lineup for Aerocharger Turbo Systems for the 2013-14 season. Updated 10/30/13


Cycle World - Demise of the Buell Motorcycle Company

An in-depth look at the forces that brought down America's sportbike maker, including mention of Aerocharger's involvement. Cycle World. Steve Anderson, May 2010


Service Request Form

Please print and fill out this form, and attach it to any products sent to Aerocharger for service.


Aerocharger Operational Guidelines

Failure to follow these instructions can cause turbocharger damage that will lead to premature failure.


Aerocharger Boost Controllers Manual

Instructions for several different versions of the Aerocharger Boost Controller.



Turbine Flange Diagrams for the 53 Series.

Turbine Flange Diagrams for the 66 Series.



Literature for the discontinued AERODYNE Aerocharger turbos for Harley-Davidson and Buell motorcycles. Provided for reference only.