Aerocharger 53 Series

53 Series Overview


  • Variable Vane Turbine
  • Ceramic Ball Bearing
  • Self Contained Lubrication
  • NiResist Alloy
  • Up to ~340 CFM
  • Weight: 10 lbs

Price: $2250.00
Mock up turbo $500 (Non refundable, but will be deducted of turbo price once ordered)


The Aerocharger 53 Series is Aerocharger's smaller bodied, versatile turbo. This turbo is sized to run optimally with engines that range from 25-150hp when naturally aspirated, and the 53 Series is capable of producing up to 250hp when used with engines in this category.

Contact Aerocharger to speak with an engineer regarding appropriate sizing and settings for any custom Aerocharger applications, and visit the Aerocharger Overview page for useful maps and a compressor calculator to use when planning your build.

Compressor Maps

Understanding Compressor Maps

Generally compressor maps are created in a lab under ideal conditions. Most installations will include an air cleaner, muffler, and adequate plumbing. Your actual results may differ slightly, but these maps serve as an excellent starting point.


53 Series Flange Templates


Aerocharger Brochure

Information about the Aerocharger's unique features and performance.


Aerocharger Operational Guidelines

Failure to follow these instructions can cause turbocharger damage that will lead to premature failure.


Aerocharger Boost Controllers Manual

Instructions for several different versions of the Aerocharger Boost Controller.



Adjusting the Boost Controller